Choosing the right jewellery for your wedding

Choosing the right jewellery for your wedding

On the subject of style, we all go for thinking out of the box. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there are is no rules or useful tips to assist you in order to look stunning on your wedding day! (Not much space for trial and error there.)

So here is my little piece of advice that might prove useful.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

A rule of thumb when choosing your wedding jewellery is to not overdo it. Regardless of how tempting it is you shouldn’t let your jewellery outshine you. Keep it simple and go for a few essential pieces instead of covering your body with accessories.

The colour of your dress is crucial for your choice of jewellery

– If the dress is white: This vibrant hue looks most beautiful with platinum or silver coloured jewellery.
– If the dress is cream colour: Gold jewellery will match best with the creamy tone.
– If the dress is light beige: Gold jewellery will be a perfect match with the warm tones of the champagne colour.
– If the dress is rose:  Rose Gold will work well along with the soft pink of the dress.

Think about your dress’s neckline.

Your gown’s neckline is significant in framing your face. Assist it do its job by choosing the jewellery that matches perfectly along with it.

– In case your gown has a sweetheart or strapless décolletage: Think about wearing a choker with it. The choker is definitely making a comeback and looks incredible with this type of neckline.
– If your gown has a V-neck: This style is meant for decoration. Go for either a choker or a pendant. If they are small and delicate you can even go a step further and layer these together.
– If your gown has a halter: In this case it is best to avoid a necklace and focus on your hair decorations while considering an elegant bracelet or a cocktail ring.

Enjoy your wedding!

The most essential thing about choosing the ideal jewellery for your wedding dress is that they really should go in line with oneself. If you feel awkward about wearing big, shiny pieces then don’t! The most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable on your most special day!

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