Dace Calliope


Dace Calliope is a luxury hand crafted ring with a stunning  Light Sapphire center Swarovski Crystal, Amethyst and Luminous Green. It reflects a combination of green, blue, and mesmerizing  Amethyst colors. The fairy-tale like radiance of the Sapphire and the blue crystals make this an ideal gift to yourself.

Features and Materials
• Handmade one-off piece
• Luxury viscose pa yarn from Florence, Italy
• Authentic Light Sapphire, Luminous Green & Amethyst Swarovski® Crystals

US: 5 to 6
UK: J to M

The Dace collection of rings is both bold and designed to deliver impact with its absolute unique style and beauty. All the rings in this collection are handmade and decorated with stunning authentic Swarovski crystals. Each piece has a large beautiful center crystal surrounded by a variety of smaller Swarovski crystals that shimmer with an unforgettable effect.

I knit the rings using only the highest quality luxury Italian viscose pa, which I personally source from Florence. The material used allows the ring to stretch, thus making it a great gifting idea (especially if you are unsure about the size). For a special gift, I also offer outstanding keepsake memory-gifting balls, which would be an ideal combination for a gift. Hope that you love my work!


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