Dash Iphigenia


Dash Iphigenia is a one-off luxury hand knitted ring with authentic Greige, Sapphire and Silvernight Swarovski Crystals. This is a chique evening ring that will impress anyone who dares to look at it. The center crystal is dark like the night sky surrounded by the star like shimmering of the surrounding smaller crystals.

Features and Materials
• Handmade one-off piece
• Luxury viscose pa yarn from Florence, Italy
• Authentic Greige, Sapphire & Silvernight Swarovski® Crystals

US: 6 to 7
UK: M to O

The Dash ring collection is the largest I have made so far due to its popularity. The band on these rings is exceptionally soft thus making it very comfortable to wear. Each ring is unique and hand-knitted using only the highest quality luxury Italian viscose pa yarn sourced from Florence, Italy. Each and every piece has been embellished with an authentic

square Swarovski crystal in the center. This is the latest innovation from Swarovski. The Dash rings are ideal for any occasion and can take you from an office to a party while looking both glamorous and unforgettable. This particular collection style has been gifted in a celebrity-gifting suite hosted by GBK honoring the Golden Globes 2016 as well as MTV Movie Awards 2016!


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