The Prom Night Jewellery Handbook

The Prom Night Jewellery Handbook

The prom night has always haunted ladies with one question – “what do I wear?”  However, in regard to the prom preparations, the variety of choices in dresses can certainly be confusing as most of them are may be fashionable. Plus, the fact, that choosing the right dress is not the end of the struggle, and it’s just the start as there are still a lot of choices remaining to make, regarding shoes, jewellery etc. Prior to getting fatigue of the process, here is some advice on what jewellery to choose for the prom. The first step is to be aware of the style you are going for. The sure thing is that the dress should be something special so don’t go for something too simple.

What jewellery to choose

When deciding on jewellery and accessories, ensure you match the shine well with the colour of your dress. If the dress has no glitter, then you can go for the sparks of your preference. Yet, if your dress has glowing elements or ornaments, always go for jewellery of the same sheen.


Typically, you will find two kinds of necklaces right for your prom glamour, the choker style or the maxi collars with gemstones and crystals. Here are a few tips to help you decide on what works best for you. Dresses that have a deeper neckline are advised to go with a lengthier necklace to assist enhance the natural lining of the dress, as the shorter necklaces are best with dresses that have a straight or higher neckline.

Make sure to pay attention to the details of your gown. If your dress is very ornamented around the bust, there is no need to wear a necklace because that will overshadow the embellishment of the dress, which you might have chosen for that reason.


There are numerous types, colours and textures of bracelets to make up your prom looks. Go for a sophisticated item to ensure a smooth and balanced look. Always try to achieve harmony between elements that are closer – for example if you go for a heavy bracelet, don’t wear very shinny and complex rings. Additionally, when putting on a bracelet you might also need to take into account the sleeves of your dress. Long sleeved dresses do not need a bracelet. If the dress is very detailed, then go for a simpler bracelet.


With rings the rule of balance and harmony between colours, sizes, and details remains the same. Choose a sophisticated piece to enhance a classy, romantic look, or go for more glowing rings, like double rings with gemstones and crystals to complement other elements that are simpler.

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