Why should you buy handmade jewellery?

Why should you buy handmade jewellery?

Top reasons why you should buy handmade jewellery

Handmade jewellery is a very popular choice among jewellery enthusiasts and preferred over jewellery made by other means. Owing to its popularity, handmade jewellery is commonly available worldwide, usually at a very affordable price. Most jewellery stores stock and sell handmade jewellery in great range of prices and variety.

A few types of handmade jewellery

One of the most popular type of handmade jewellery is known as statement jewellery. Statement jewellery (as evident from the name itself) is a type of jewellery made to portray a particular idea, concept or cultural signature (it can artistically carry the name of a couple or a design depicting their feeling for each other).

Some cultures have an added preference and popularity for a given type of material for handmade jewellery. It may be owing to certain local aesthetics, special workmanship skills of local workers or easily availability of certain raw material because the available raw material (e.g. copper is a material of choice for handmade jewellery in certain parts of the world.

Knitting jewellery (using plaited stitches) is another exotic type handmade jewellery. Beautiful and artful knit work is employed to form outstanding necklaces, bracelets and even earrings from knitted wire.

Here are some exciting reasons for you to buy handmade jewellery:

  • Better than costume jewellery. A few “not so smart” jewellery shoppers would opt for costume jewellery without giving much consideration to the wisdom of their choice. Costume jewellery tends to lose its finish much quickly and generally crafted with lower quality craftsmanship. On the other hand, handmade jewellery last much longer and enjoy better quality finish and craftsmanship in comparison.
  • Its uniqueness. The most exciting feature about handmade jewellery is its uniqueness and the variety of quality on offer globally. Unlike other types of jewellery, handmade jewellery is crafted by hand in limited numbers by skillful craftsmen. This lends a special appeal and touch of quality that is usually missing in mass produced machine made jewellery.
  • Guarantee. It is customary for all types of jewellery to be guaranteed for the quality and purity of the metal used (gold, silver, platinum etc). Such guarantee however doesn’t exist for the quality of workmanship in case of machine made jewellery. Contrary to this, handmade jewellery is guaranteed against quality of workmanship
  • Personality. An exotic piece of handmade jewellery has far more personality than a mass produced brand jewellery. This comes with the added advantage of having to own a piece of jewellery that carries a distinction of being crafted by a human hand with care and artistic ideas in mind.
  • Customization option. Most jewellery stores with quality services would offer you choice of customizing the Handmade jewellery. It may be purely a design of your choice, a hybrid of available designs or your idea / concept translated into a piece of artistic handmade jewellery through the artful creativity of a handmade jewellery artist.
  • Always in style.  Handmade jewellery has been a part of human evolution and handmade jewellery pieces would never go out of style. You can safely wear handmade earrings, beaded bracelets, and necklaces as a timeless style statement.

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